Network Tutorial at OpenDaylight Summit 2015


On July 27th, 2015, Router Analysis Founder Steven Noble will be presenting a tutorial on migrating a standard L3 network over switches controlled by OpenDaylight.  The tutorial will be at the end of a three part set of tutorials moving from beginner (what is OpenDaylight, how to download and install it), Medium (Using OpenDaylight) and ending with our tutorial showing a … [Read more...]

April 2015 Testing Focus

In April of 2015 Router Analysis plans to test and report on the following equipment as available: Edge-Core AS5712-54X running the following NOSs: Cumulus Linux, Pica8 PicOS, Open Network Linux Cisco Nexus 3172 Juniper QFX3500 Brocade ICX 7750 Other equipment depending on time and access. The testing will focus on innovations in both hardware and software … [Read more...]

Pica8 Crossflow Networking

Pica8 Crossflow

In an article posted earlier on entitled "Using The Brocade Vyatta Controller - Part 1", we mentioned the use of Pica8's Crossflow Networking mode.  Crossflow Networking is a technology from Pica8 that allows switch interfaces to operate in both L2/L3 mode and still harness the flexibility of OpenFlow. Some simple examples: A customer wants to maintain … [Read more...]

Reference Controller 2014 – Configuration Part 1

As a follow up to the original Reference Controller posts, we have been updating our setup to more recent versions of RouteFlow, OpenvSwitch, RYU, etc. Our goal is to have IPv6, OSPF and BGP working across a multi-node setup including 2 Cisco Routers, a Soekris Net5501 running Quagga, and a Vandervecken based OpenFlow 1.3 controller controlling a Pica8 3290 running PicaOS … [Read more...]

Reference SDN Controller Update 2014

Router Analysis Reference Controller 2014

With ONS around the corner, OpenSourceRouting a project under the Network Device Education Foundation, Inc, will be doing a demonstration involving the latest Reference SDN Controller. For the demo, we have updated the reference system to the latest version of Vandervecken, a project based on RouteFlow. The new design is the following:   The hardware used … [Read more...]

Network Virtualization and Cisco’s Hardware Centric View

As VMware pushes NSX into the spotlight, Cisco responds that the network is already utilized. Scrolling through hundreds of post VMworld articles, I ran into one from Embrane showing that network virtualization is still not well understood.  In Embrane's post they referenced a blog post by Padmasree Warrior, CTO of Cisco, about the limitations of a software only approach to … [Read more...]

NetDEF Progress and Router Analysis Projects

It's been a while since I've posted anything on Router Analysis so here is an update. Everything is going well for NetDEF, projects are in place, some funding is in place and we are ready to ramp up. Router Analysis will be a project under NetDEF and start reviewing many of the switches and routers we have been working with over the last few months. Martin Winter will … [Read more...]

RIPE66, OpenSource and OpenFlow/SDN

This upcoming week will be RIPE66 in Dublin, Ireland.  While I wish I could go, my schedule does not permit.  On the plus side, Martin Winter who has association with The Network Device Education Foundation (soon to take over Router Analysis as a project) will be attending and speaking. One of the important points that I try to push is Transparancy i.e. The Open concept. … [Read more...]

ONS 2013, RouteFlow and NetDEF

Today is the first day of Open Networking Summit 2013. ONS 2013 as the name implies, is focused on Open Networking such as SDN, OpenFlow, Network Controllers, etc. There have been a lot of great announcements such as: Extreme Networks Announces OpenStack Quantum and OpenFlow support in their campus switches. Extreme Networks, Inc., today announced that it will be present … [Read more...]