State of OpenFlow 2012 – Testing and Analysis

What is the state of OpenFlow as we transition into 2013? Router Analysis, Inc. will be taking the last few weeks of 2012 to put together a comprehensive report on the state of OpenFlow.  Our goal is to work with as many analysts and academics to understand where OpenFlow was expected to be vs where OpenFlow is.  While we will do OpenFlow testing, if anyone is expecting a b … [Read more...]

Gigabit Aggregation Top of Rack Switch Shootout

Gigabit Aggregation Top of Rack Switch Testing When we released our Enterprise Top of Rack Switch test, we did not expect the amount of feedback we would get. The feedback included requests that we focus on both enterprise and service providers, along with requests to cover more vendors including Dell, Juniper, Edge-Core, Brocade and host of others. Hardware To Be Teste … [Read more...]