Switch and Router Testing Services

Network Device Testing Services:

As a independent, trusted member of the networking community, Router Analysis provides the following services:

  • Switch and Router Evaluation and Testing
    • Industry standard network testing tools from companies such as IXIA and Spirent
      • Ability to generate 40G+ of stateful traffic.
      • Compliance testing for many networking protocols (BGP, OSPF, etc)
      • Fuzzing
    • Testing of physical and virtual devices
    • Testing of Whitebox (ODM) Switches and Operating Systems (ONL, Cumulus, Pica8)
  • Network Device Integration Testing
    • Integration with SDN controllers (OpenDaylight, ONOS, Open Contrail)
    • Confirmation of Integration Designs

Independent, Trusted and Neutral

Router Analysis provides independent and neutral testing.  Router Analysis is funded by donations to The Network Device Education Foundation (NetDEF).

Our Team:

Steven Noble has over 20 years of experience with Routers, Switches, Networks and Systems.  He was most recently the CTO at Sideband Networks.  Previously Steven worked at Cisco Systems, Procket Networks and Exodus Communications.  He is a well respected member of the Internet community.

Example Testing Data:

We hooked the switch up to a IXIA Tester and ran a few simple tests to make sure everything was setup properly:

Quick result summary:

Switch Latency: 4.4 microseconds at 64 bytes

Line Rate Forwarding of 64 byte packets on all ports: Yes – Unidirectional Numbers: 101Mpps/51Gbps

Line Rate Forwarding of 1518 byte packets on all ports: Yes –  Unidirectional Numbers: 5.5Mpps/67Gbps


The Edge-Core ECS4610-50T is a capable switch that fits well in the service provider and enterprise networks.  With more than enough forwarding bandwidth and processing power it fits right in with the other 1GbE aggregation switches on the market.  The feature set is comparable to Cisco, Dell Force 10 and other leaders in the space.

IXIA Results:

Product Information

Product Name : NE40E-X8
Comments : MC + UC to Slot 6 Only 6/1/0 only joined to 67 Groups out of 100 QoS on one group

Aggregated Results



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