Building a Reference SDN Controller – Part 1

The Reference SDN Controller Project Router Analysis has been working for the last six months constructing and testing a Reference SDN Controller.  The project has two goals: Create a enterprise grade PC based system that compliments OpenFlow enabled switches that allows for an easy introduction to OpenFlow based SDN for Network Administrators. Create a baseline testing … [Read more...]

The Vyatta Cloud Router Story

Vyatta and their approach to Cloud Routers A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Scott Sneddon, Cloud Solutions Architect at Vyatta Inc.  I've known Scott since the late 1990's when he and I both worked for Exodus Communications. Vyatta is one of the few full featured software based routing vendors in the market today.  Their product is a mix of OpenSource and … [Read more...]

On-Site Router/Switch Testing, Consulting and Training

Remote and On-Site Router Testing Router  Analysis provides on-site testing, consulting and training.  With over 40 years of combined experience, the team at Router Analysis are able to offer your company comprehensive information and assistance when looking at multiple vendor solutions. Router Analysis uses the latest in testing equipment from IXIA, custom applications and … [Read more...]