Network Tutorial at OpenDaylight Summit 2015

On July 27th, 2015, Router Analysis Founder Steven Noble will be presenting a tutorial on migrating a standard L3 network over switches controlled by OpenDaylight.  The tutorial will be at the end of a three part set of tutorials moving from beginner (what is OpenDaylight, how to download and install it), Medium (Using OpenDaylight) and ending with our tutorial showing a solution for migrating from a standard L3 network to an OpenDaylight controlled network.

The Title of the tutorial is:

  • Deploying OpenDaylight and OpenFlow into an Existing Network by Steven Noble, founder, Router Analysis.

The goal of the tutorial is to talk about the possibilities of Open Networking to network engineers.  We plan to take a standard L3 network with 4 routers to a L3 network with 2 routers and 2 OpenFlow controlled switches with OpenDaylight as the controller.

The Abstract is as follows:

In this tutorial/lab, we plan to start with a 4+ nodes network with (NO OpenFlow) running bgp + ospf, where one of the nodes will be an OpenFlow capable switch running in L2/L3 mode.

After demonstrating the functionality of the network, we will convert the OpenFlow capable device to utilize OF via an OpenDaylight controller, fed routing information via a network proxy such as RouteFlow.
The next step will be to replace one directly connected node with an OpenFlow capable device and connect it up to the OpenDaylight Controller.



The tutorial will cover the conversion of L3 / OpenFlow capable switches from L3 only to a combination of L3 / OpenFlow and eventually to a full OpenFlow controlled network.  The devices used will be Open Networking switches from vendors like Core-Edge, Quanta and Interface Masters.  We will also be looking at utilizing devices from vendors such as Cisco, Juniper and Brocade.

We will also bring demos of branded solutions such as the Brocade Vyatta Controller (based on OpenDaylight).

If you are a vendor of OpenFlow capable switches that you would like us to look at and possibly utilize during our tutorial and other training, please reach out to Steven on twitter

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