Reference Controller 2014 – Configuration Part 1

As a follow up to the original Reference Controller posts, we have been updating our setup to more recent versions of RouteFlow, OpenvSwitch, RYU, etc. Our goal is to have IPv6, OSPF and BGP working across a multi-node setup including 2 Cisco Routers, a Soekris Net5501 running Quagga, and a Vandervecken based OpenFlow 1.3 controller controlling a Pica8 3290 running PicaOS 2.2.

To start, we installed the latest Vandervecken LiveCD to our reference controller pc. The install was a bit complex as it requires you to use Ubiquity and OSX XQuartz but it was installed within two tries.

Once installed, we needed to modify the file. I have included my entire file so that you can diff it and see what the changes are.

On the Pica8 3290, we need to boot into a shell and run the following script. You will need to set the IP address of the 3290 port eth0 to

For the VMs on the box, b1 and b2, we need to modify the configurations to use physical instead of virtual ethernet ports.

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