Pica8 Crossflow Networking

In an article posted earlier on sdntesting.com entitled “Using The Brocade Vyatta Controller – Part 1“, we mentioned the use of Pica8’s Crossflow Networking mode.  Crossflow Networking is a technology from Pica8 that allows switch interfaces to operate in both L2/L3 mode and still harness the flexibility of OpenFlow.

Some simple examples:

A customer wants to maintain access lists via the Pica8 XorPlus CLI while listening to an OpenFlow controller for forwarding updates.

A customer wants to use standard routing protocols (OSPF, BGP, etc) while harnessing the power of OpenFlow based port mirroring.

We are using Crossflow to have the system function to as a generic L2/L3 switch for most ports, while allowing some ports to be programmed by an OpenFlow controller. The system configuration (hostname, management IP, etc) is programmed via the CLI, while the OpenFlow OVS configuration is done via the standard OVS commands.

Here is the CLI configuration for one of the switches in the testbed:

While the OVS configuration is done using ovs-vsctl and other standard OVS commands


In summary, Crossflow Networking mode allows the best of both worlds when it comes to switch management, allowing CLI

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