SDN Migration Tutorial Part 2

In our earlier post “SDN Migration Tutorial Part 1“, we talked about the initial setup of the OpenDaylight Summit tutorial network.  In this post we will show the configuration to change the first Pica8 switch (L3SW 1) from L2/L3 to OpenFlow

The first thing we need to do is enable crossflow mode on the Pica8 switch:

Then we need to convert the network ports to OVS

Once we have added the ports, we can drop to the PicOS shell, add the ports to OVS and set the controller

On the Quagga system, we need to configure the system to take the place of the Pica8 L3 configuration

Check that everything is working from the second Pica8 (L3SW 4)

From Quagga

And finally, confirm that everything looks right on the OpenDaylight Controller

Screenshot 2015-07-09 00.36.44

In our next post, we will show converting the second Pica8 over to OVS under the control of the same controller.

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