SDN Migration Tutorial – Adding a Router

In the previous posts, we have talked about our initial setup and the first step in SDN conversion.  In this post we will talk about adding one of the static routers into the configuration and confirming that everything is working.

For the router we have used a Cisco 3845, connected it to the Pica8 under ODL control and added Host 2 to it.


We have configured the Cisco Router in the following way, running OSPF on the link to the Pica8 and peering with both Quagga and the second Pica8:

The changes to Quagga are as follows:

We have added a 3rd IP to the Quagga interface (

And configured BGP to the loopback address ( of the Cisco

We have also added a peering connection between the second Pica8 and the Cisco

In OpenDaylight we see the new link:

Screenshot 2015-07-10 11.47.18

And we are able to ping across the entire network

The next step is to add another static router and re-configure the second Pica8 to be OpenFlow.

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