Updates to the Reference Controller

ProjectW Updates and More

After a great presentation at NANOG by Scott Whyte of Google, there have been quite a few updates to the ProjectW system.

  • The bootable CD is v0.5
  • Support for MPLS and ISIS
  • Support for controlling multiple switches at the same time
  • Router Analysis plans to integrate the changes from v0.5 into the Reference Controller.  There will be no changes to the hardware.
  • Router Analysis will be handing control of the Reference Controller Project to The Network Device Education Foundation.

The Loss of the word Open

There have been a lot of announcements recently using the term “Open” and trying to ride the OpenSource/SDN media glut.  We at Router Analysis have started using the word Transparent to discuss truly open projects.  We have also been focusing our efforts on building the Network Device Education Foundation so that we can better educate the public on Testing, OpenSource and other work that deserves to hold the term Open.

Next Testing Project

We are working on our next testing project, the ideas surround NFV and our team is working on designing tests that will best prove out the value of NFV.  Our goal is to get the plan out in April and run the tests in May.



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