RIPE66, OpenSource and OpenFlow/SDN

This upcoming week will be RIPE66 in Dublin, Ireland.  While I wish I could go, my schedule does not permit.  On the plus side, Martin Winter who has association with The Network Device Education Foundation (soon to take over Router Analysis as a project) will be attending and speaking.

One of the important points that I try to push is Transparancy i.e. The Open concept.  The word Open has been used so much lately that it is starting to lose meaning.  Some uses of Open seem forced, like Open Daylight.. Does that mean there is a closed Daylight project or did they just add Open to get good press coverage?

An interesting tidbit on all of the controller projects is how many of the same companies we see involved in them.  Cisco seems to lead, being involved in a lot of projects along with the ONF.  Many of the Open controller projects are backed by multiple multi-billion dollar corporations.  This of course brings a lot of thoughts into my brain about hedging bets.

I am still a fan of the truly open projects such as RouteFlow from CPqD, Vandervecken and the Cardigan project.  What is nice about these projects is that their support comes from contributions from the community.  NetDEF is a supporter of all of these projects, providing equipment, testing, feedback and non-monetary support.

As we move Router Analysis under the Network Device Education Foundation structure, we expect that there will be no change in the charter that Router Analysis has to bring unbiased information about networking products to the community for free.  NetDEF is a not-for-profit corporation with no paid officers.

Once Router Analysis is transferred, I will be giving up my President/Owner role (obviously) as all of the equipment will become property of NetDEF and the Router Analysis Project.  I will stay president of NetDEF.


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