Reference SDN Controller Update 2014

With ONS around the corner, OpenSourceRouting a project under the Network Device Education Foundation, Inc, will be doing a demonstration involving the latest Reference SDN Controller.

For the demo, we have updated the reference system to the latest version of Vandervecken, a project based on RouteFlow.

The new design is the following:

Router Analysis Reference Controller 2014


The hardware used in the design is the same as before. The motherboard used, the SuperMicro X9SCi-LN4F has 4 built in Gigabit Ethernet ports, a separate IPMI, built in video and a serial port. An Intel Xeon E3-1220V2 CPU is used to keep the system enterprise class while keeping costs and power use down. The last parts are 8GB of RAM and a 16GB SataDOM.

Reference Controller and Pronto 3290



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