Network Device Education Foundation

The Network Device Education Foundation

On February 27th, 2013 the Network Device Education Foundation, Inc.(NetDEF) a not for profit entity was formed.  The Foundation has many goals, one of the most important is to carry on the philanthropic mission of Router Analysis, Inc.  The Foundation will initially be funded out of my own pocket and eventually by companies such as Pica8, Cisco and SideBand Networks (My new Employer)

Goals of the Foundation:

1.) To provide transparent, open information about Network Devices (Hardware or Software based) through testing and technology deep dives.

2.) To provide training and education services related to Network Device testing.  This includes testing concepts, test plan design, test day preparation and issues normally run into when doing Network Device testing.

3.) To provide access to and donations of Network Device equipment such as OpenFlow Switches (Router Analysis, Inc. recently donated a Pica8 3290 switch to CPqD) to academic, non-profit and open source projects who maybe have limited access to this type of equipment.

4.) To continue the Reference SDN Controller project including the donation of systems to suitable parties.

Want to be involved?

If you or anyone or group you are associated with is interested in either being involved in, or getting support from the Foundation, feel free to drop me a note via info at

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