State of OpenFlow 2012 Notes – Day 3 RouteFlow

What is the State of OpenFlow at the end of 2012? Notes for Day Three, Sunday December 17th 2012. Today we did a lot of work with the Pronto 3290 switch. We used our in house tool to push flows into the Pronto until we either ran out of memory in Floodlight, or ran out of FIB space on the Pronto. We worked with RouteFlow via a live cd (Thanks Josh), made some … [Read more...]

State of OpenFlow 2012 Notes – Day One/Two

What is the State of OpenFlow at the end of 2012? This is the question we are looking to answer at Router Analysis, Inc.  Feel free to follow along, we will try to post updates every few days. Day One and Two Started Day One, Friday, December 14th, 2012 working with the HP 6200yl switch.  During staging on Thursday night we discovered that the HP switch is hardware locked to … [Read more...]

Testing Vyatta Subscription Edition 6.5 R1 – Full Report and Analysis

Analyzing and Testing Vyatta Subscription Edition 6.5 R1 A Router Analysis, Inc. independent report. *** Note ***  The report has been updated to clarify questions that I have received.  The new report # is RA-111812-02. Router Analysis, Inc. has released the full testing report on Vyatta Subscription Edition 6.5 R1.  The report contains data on traffic forwarding, routin … [Read more...]

Vyatta v6.5 R1 Preliminary Performance Test Results

Testing Vyatta's 6.5 R1 Subscription Edition For the last two weeks Router Analysis has been working with it's software testing site SDN Testing to do some cross over testing of Vyatta's latest release of Software, 6.5 R1. Vyatta has created a product that can fit in multiple spots of your network both as a physical router running on bare metal and as a virtual router … [Read more...]

Cisco ASR 1000 Series Router Testing and Analysis Report Now Available

Cisco ASR 1000 Series Router Testing and Analysis Report Now Available for no cost Router Analysis is proud to release the full ASR1000 Series Router Testing and Analysis Report (RA-070112-03).  The report is available for no cost. The report covers the ASR1000 Series Routers with RP2 and ESP40.  During our testing, we tested both the ASR1004 and 1006 platforms and found no … [Read more...]

Product Review: Edge-Core ECS4610-50T

Edge-Core ECS4610-50T IWNetworks, the US distributor of Edge-Core switches provided Router Analysis with a ECS4610-50T Gigabit Aggregation switch to test in our Gigabit Aggregation Switch Shootout.  While we were unpacking and setting the switch up for testing we decided to do a quick review. Product Description The Edge-Core ECS4610 series is a stackable Gig … [Read more...]

Cisco ASR 1000 Testing Results

Router Analysis testing results for the Cisco ASR 1000. Router Analysis tested the Cisco ASR 1004 for performance, scalability and features.  The following is a list of items tested: IP forwarding rate Minimum Packet Size (64 bytes) With ACLs (permit any any) With uRPF With QoS With Netflow Packet IMIX 1500 Byte Packets (Fabric … [Read more...]

Enterprise Edge Router Upgrade Guide

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Santa Clara, California (July 16th, 2012) - Router Analysis, a leader in on-site and lab based router testing is pleased to announce the release of its free report entitled "Enterprise Edge Router Upgrade Guide".  The report looks at the options for upgrading from a Cisco 7200VXR Series router (and other software based forwarding routers)  to a hardware b … [Read more...]