Huawei vs Cisco vs Juniper Cheat Sheet

Huawei vs Cisco vs Juniper – Part 1: The Core

Router Analysis has worked on a lot of deals where Huawei is one of the bidding vendors and the client asks us for a comparison: Huawei vs Cisco vs Juniper.  Router Analysis has done enough testing with all three vendors to give a comprehensive answer.  Here is an overview of the Huawei products and the comparable Cisco and Juniper products.  Contact us if you need more information.

Huawei Core Router

Huawei’s NE5000E-X16 is Huawei’s highest end core router.  Some of Huawei’s current  line card offerings include:

  • 200G Flexible Line Cards
    • Two by 100GE
    • 20 by 10GE
  • 100G Flexible Line Card (LPU-I) (2 sub-slots)
    • One by 100GE (takes both sub-slots)
    • 10 by 10GE (takes both sub-slots)
    • One by OC768 (takes both sub-slots)
    • two by OC192 (takes only one sub-slot)
    • 24 by GE (takes both sub-slots)
Huawei’s NE5000E Platform

Huawei’s Edge Routers

Huawei offers the NE40E-X Series routers to fill the edge and small core.  These routers support a 100G flexible card that supports the same sub-cards as the NE5000E-X16.  The NE40E-X also supports the 40G Flexible cards.

Comparison to Juniper and Cisco

Cisco’s competition to the Huawei NE5000E-X16 is the CSR3/16.  Juniper offers the T4000.

Cisco CRS3/16 vs Huawei NE5000E-X16

  • Supports up to 140G per slot vs 200 in the Huawei.
  • Is a standalone 24″ wide, 84″ tall, 36″ deep chassis. vs the 17.4″ width, 63″ tall, 26″ deep NE5000E-X16
  • Both systems support 400G/slot fabric
  • Both systems have a multi-process operating system
  • Both systems support multi-chassis
Cisco CRS3/16

Juniper T4000 vs Huawei NE5000E-X16

  • Supports up to 240G per slot vs 200 in the Huawei
  • Fits in half a rack vs full rack for the Huawei
  • 240G/Slot fabric vs 400G/slot in Huawei
  • Both systems have a muti-process operating system
  • Both systems support multi-chassis
Juniper T1600

Wrapping Up

The main differences between the three boxes is that Cisco and Juniper support 16 100GE interfaces per chassis while Huawei supports 32.  All three routers have multi-process operating systems and multi-chassis support.

All three vendors are promising fabric upgrades in the future along with matching line cards.  A very interesting space for sure.


  1. Ata says

    Thanks for useful info. , Mr. Noble what about throughput? if we make a comparison based on throughput then which of these three will be better ?

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