Cisco 3750 vs 3560 What’s The Difference?

Cisco 3750 vs 3560

What is the difference between the Cisco 3750 and 3560?  What about the 3750E vs 3750X?  These question comes from clients time and time again.  Here are the answers you need.

The main difference is that the 3750 supports Cisco StackWise, i.e. creating one large virtual switch out of multiple chassis.  The 3560 has a “cluster” feature which while it sounds close, just means that you can control multiple switches from a single one.

The Cisco 3750X Series Switches

3750E vs 3750X

When it comes to the Cisco 3750E vs 3750X, The X offers what Cisco is calling StackPower, the ability to share power loads between multiple switches.  This is a beneficial feature when it comes to PoE+.  StackPower allows up to four members of the same StackWise group to combine their power supplies into one large virtual power supply.  It also allows some of the power supplies to be taken offline, increasing efficiency.

For building out small to medium offices these two features are quite valuable.  Start with one switch and add on with little to no disruption, while only using the power needed.


One last thing to cover is the 3650-C series switches.  These are compact switches for the campus lan.  There are a few variants, some have PoE, some have PoE+, some can pass through PoE (3560CPD-8PT-S):

PoE pass-through gives the ability to power PoE end devices through drawing PoE(+) from the wiring closet. The Cisco Catalyst 3560CPD-8PT-S has eight downlink ports with two PoE+ input ports that allow it to be powered by another switch. The switch does not need a power supply and receives power over the uplink from an upstream PoE device, providing deployment flexibility and availability.

Cisco 3560CPD-8PT-S

The 3560CPD-8PT-S is a fantastic little switch for extending your network to areas that don’t have power and need some power such as a small meeting room.





  1. Javin says

    You should probably make sure that you are using the correct model numbers. Verify your 3560 vs 3650 and pick the one you intended as you have both listed.

  2. says

    Sorry about that, I finally realized my numbers were mis-typed. I am only speaking of the 3750 and 3560 (they are basically the same other than one being stackable)

  3. SviatA says

    So, the Cisco Catalyst 3750 switch is not available anymore. You also gave links to the 2960-C/3560-C models, but, according to the information Cisco provides on the main website, the CX models are much better, and the price is not that big for them. If I remember correctly, the C versions doesn’t have the wireless connection, and they provide much less power if compared to CX.
    UPD: I was able to find the Catalyst 3750 on Newegg and

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